Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Aaron Maté about the new cold war on China and Russia and the US government-backed campaign to silence anti-war voices. We discuss the growing censorship of independent outlets on social media and the defamatory corporate media smears of our factual reporting.

Part 2 of 2

(Episode recorded on August 19, 2020)

Part 1: DNC embraces neocons, and Russiagate conspiracy just won’t die – with Aaron Maté



Show notes and links

Aaron Maté on Twitter:

Aaron Maté’s show Pushback at The Grayzone:

Did Trump Bomb Syria on False Grounds?,” Aaron Maté, The Nation

US govt-funded Coda Story smears American journalists who undermine new Cold War propaganda,” The Grayzone

Inside America’s meddling machine: NED, the US-funded org interfering in elections around the globe,” The Grayzone

China detaining millions of Uyghurs? Serious problems with claims by US-backed NGO and far-right researcher ‘led by God’ against Beijing,” The Grayzone

No, the UN did not report China has ‘massive internment camps’ for Uighur Muslims,” The Grayzone

State-backed Alliance for Securing Democracy disinfo shop falsely smears The Grayzone as ‘state-backed’,” The Grayzone

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian’s defamatory tweets: