Max Blumenthal discusses joint US-Israeli police training and border militarization. Then Ben Norton and anti-war veteran Camilo Mejía talk about the hybrid war on Nicaragua’s democratically elected socialist government and how US-backed right-wing opposition groups are using disinformation about coronavirus as a weapon against the Sandinistas. We conclude addressing the grave dangers of the upcoming economic crisis caused by Covid-19.


Part 1: “Linking US imperialism and police violence: Killer cop got start at dictator-training military base

(Episode recorded June 28, 2020)



Links and show notes

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As Nicaragua confronts Covid, its US-backed opposition exploits the pandemic to create chaos,” by Ben Norton at The Grayzone

Corporate media spreads fake news claiming Nicaraguan President Ortega is dead – then he gives a fiery speech condemning US militarism,” by Ben Norton at The Grayzone

Chile’s US-backed gov’t is shooting anti-austerity protesters, blinding and maiming by the thousands,” by Ben Norton at The Grayzone

Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution is still thriving, after 40 years,” by Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal at The Grayzone