Moderate Rebels episode 3

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton interview Gareth Porter, an award-winning investigative journalist who has done extensive reporting on the US proxy war in Syria, and how the CIA program arming and training rebels strengthened al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other extremist Salafi groups.

We discuss the military-industrial complex and how billionaire-backed think tanks funded by arms manufacturers and fossil fuel corporations fuel the permanent war state. And we address the historical parallels to the US wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam, and what could come in the future after the Syrian war winds down.

This interview expands on episode 2 of Moderate Rebels.

Show Notes

Gareth Porter’s Syria reporting

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Atlantic Council

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Map of US military bases in Syria, from the Turkish government mouthpiece Daily Sabah:

Brett McGurk at Middle East Institute (MEI)

US Envoy McGurk blames Ankara for turning a blind eye to al Qaida safe haven in Idlib,” Washington Hattı, July 29 2017

Gulf regime-funded Middle East Institute panel “Assessing the Trump Administration’s Counterterrorism Policy,” featuring Brett McGurk, the Special Presidential Envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, and neoconservative regime change hawks Charles Lister and Jennifer Cafarella

McGurk begins speaking at 51:57 in the following video:

Listen to Moderate Rebels episode 3 here: