Moderate Rebels episode 35: Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Aline Piva, who lives and teaches in Caracas, Venezuela and explains what’s really going on in the country, with a US-led coup attempt to install the right-wing opposition. We discuss the economic warfare and US sanctions on Venezuela, the daily life and problems, coup leader Juan Guaidó and the opposition’s neoliberal politics, and the geopolitics of regime change against Nicolás Maduro.

Show Notes

Venezuela reports at The Grayzone

Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal, “The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader,” The Grayzone, 29 January 2019

Ben Norton, “86% of Venezuelans Oppose Military Intervention, 81% Against US Sanctions, Local Polling Shows,” The Grayzone, 29 January 2018

Ben Norton, “Internal US Gov’t Document Outlines Program of ‘Economic Warfare’ on Venezuela,” The Grayzone, 30 January 2018

Aline Piva

Twitter: @alinecpiva

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